Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc

170 km, 10.000m of ascent and hiking through 3 countries in a breathtaking scenery, the Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the world’s greatest hiking trail.

I’m thrilled. I’m standing right now at the finisher line of the world famous ultra marathon in Chamonix, France. The first women is running over the finisher line. She smiles and can’t believe that she won the UTMB for womans. She run 170km, 10.000m of ascent and descent in around 23 hours and she’s still smiling. I can’t believe it. I’m overwhelmed. She looks so good that I thought she just started one hour ago. I’m impressed and that picture branded into my brain. I was looking forward to do this trek in around 7 to 10 days and this woman did it in 23 hours. Wow. The next days I thought a lot about that picture but that I didn’t know at this moment.

hiking tour du mont blanc
hiking tour du mont blanc

A friend of me, who just came back from a 2 year world trip and I started the next day this world class hiking trail in Les Houches, just south of Chamonix, France. All around us are the soaring peaks of the Mt Blanc massif. Open-mouthed we’re walking the first ascent of one of the world’s greatest walks. Our backpacks with tent, sleeping bags, thermarests and food are way to heavy. Looking back I would never again carry 16kg of a backpack 10.000m of ascents and descents in the Alps. 🙂 But that I didn’t know at the moment either. So we walked hours and where totally amazed of the incredible scenery around this Mont Blanc massif. Along the way you can buy very tasty cheese.

The first night we spent at a church of les Contamines. You have to walk through les Contamines along the river and before you walk the next big ascent there is a small church with picnic tables where you can camp. At the end of that day I had my first big blisters. What a good preparation for the next following days. Ha ha. 🙂 If you want to stay in some hotels or B&B there are a lot available in les Contamines, 1180m.

After a great oat meal breakfast we head up the next mountain to Col de la Crois du Bonhomme 2479m and had an amazing view over the mountains. At this day we walk close to the refuge des Mottets, 1864m and put our tent on in a breathtaking scenery. We had the best view to the massive glaciers. We expected a very cold night in the tent. If camping is not your thing you can easily sleep in one of the refugees or in hotels and B&B in the mountain villages. I set up a list of the refugees, B&B and hotels along the trail in my travel magazine of the tour du Mont Blanc.

houses at tour du mont blanc
unoccupied houses at the tmb

The third day of the tour du Mont Blanc was the hardest. In every aspect. We hiked up in sunshine to the Col de la Seigne 2516m and than the weather changed very fast. It was ice cold on this peak and we didn’t want to make a break. Then we head down to the Alpe sup. de la Lée Blanche, 2205m and it started to rain. Now we’re in Italy. The scenery was still incredible. We felt like we’re in a movie of the lord of the ring saga. Get my free tour du Mont Blanc photobook here and see it yourself!. We had a lot of fun to make some fascinating pictures of this engrossing landscape. Our food was gone at this moment and we thought to eat some pizza in the next Italian mountain village. The descent in the heavy rain has demanded us. It was slippery and my knees and blisters where burning. The only thing what let me still walk was the picture of the Italian pizza. I could almost taste it. I don’t know when I was so happy to see a village before, but Courmayeur 1223m was directly in front of us and we made it. At this descent I almost died, but this is another story. So we head directly to the next Italian pizza place. The pizza was amazing. I can still taste this pizza how the cheese melt away and I got back my life energy. In this night we just put our tent on the next possible place in the village and felt asleep.

view of the tmb
landscape tour du mont blanc

On our 4. Day we did it easy. We started the day with a good Italian espresso. I bought some plaster and disinfection spray because my blisters where already bloody and my knees where still burning. So I bought some hiking sticks to relieve my knees. That decision was one of the best ones in my life. I’ve never used some hiking sticks before but otherwise I’m sure that I could never finished this trek with my burning knees. The hiking sticks helped me to keep walking. And of course a relieve for my mind too. It’s all about the mind. Isn’t it?
This day was our highlight. It was breathtaking. The weather was just perfect and we had the best view to the Mount Blanc on our entirely tour. Did you know that there is a mountain similar to the Machu Picchu mountain? No, me either. But look at the pictures and tell me what you think. It was an amazing day. The Machu Picchu mountain is called Mont Chetif. On it’s top there is a statue of Marie protecting us. You can hike up this mountain too.

pichu mountain tour du mont blanc
Machu Picchu Mountain of the Tour du Mont Blanc it’s called Mont Chetif

Half of the walking time we where taking pictures. Many of them you’ll find in my free travel magazine of the tour du Mont Blanc. It was incredible. And the Mount Blanc where directly in front of us. Awesome. We just thought to climb that monster too after our tour but that was just a glimpse of a thought. Driven by serotonin because of the fantastic landscape. We walked over the Rifugio Bertone 1970m until the Rifugio Elena, 2061m. We had a ice cold night but slept with a big smile on our faces.

On the 5. Day we head up to Grand Col Ferret 2537m and crossed the border from Italy to Switzerland. In Switzerland you have very nice small houses with great shutters. Our plan was not to stay long in Switzerland because we couldn’t afford the very pricey prices in every aspect. So we walked all the way to Champex-au-Lac 1456m. It is a great small mountain lake and has a small supermarket, where you can buy your food when you don’t want to go in very pricey restaurants.(around 7€ for french fries) We camped in the forest close to the lake.

cows tour du mont blanc
cows along the Tour du Mont Blanc

The 6. Day of our tour du Mont Blanc we got up early. I went to the ice cold lake for a morning swim. After that I was awake and we could start to hike. After a few kilometer the pain in your feeds are gone. Don’t stop to walk and you’ll be fine. 🙂 The weather changed and it was very cold. We hiked from Champex-au-Lac 1456m to Herbagères, 2033m. We had an awesome camping place. The valley lay below us and we had a great view over the mountains. But on 2033m the night was ice cold. My friend had only a summer sleeping bag and so I think he could not close his eyes in this night.

In the morning on our 7. Day there were the first snow flakes coming down. We couldn’t see anything because of the fog. We hiked up to Col de Balme, 2192m and search our way down to le Tour, 1453m and then we took a hiking trail back to les Houches, 980m. We did this amazing tour du Mont Blanc.

signs Tour du Mont Blanc
sings at the Tour du Mont Blanc

We where so happy. I still can’t believe what a magical landscape that the Tour du Mont Blanc has to offer. Not to say the amazing food what you can taste along the way through 3 different countries. I would definitely do this tour again, but with more money and with only half of my backpack weight. But maybe we see us on top of the Mount Blanc or on the trail of the famous ultra marathon UTMB again. I wrote a travel magazine to get some useful informations, attitude profile, photo book and how to get a free Tour du Mont Blanc map. You can get it here for free! Cheers. Enjoy it. Safe travels to you!

Mount Blanc
Mount Blanc

The Lost City Trek, Ciudad Perdida. Better than Machu Picchu?

lost city amazon trek

Ciudad Perdida is the Spanish word for “Lost City”. The Lost City is the archaeological site of an ancient city in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada. It’s believed to have been founded 650 years earlier than Machu Picchu.

Some people think the experience to get to the Lost City is much better than Machu Picchu.

After I visited both, I could not choose my favourite one. Yes Machu Picchu is touristy, but there are a few things to do that you’ll have a magical experience anyway.

I will talk about it in a different article. Back to the Lost City in the Colombian jungle. There is no way to take a bus and have a look on this city. You’ll have to walk all the way to the Lost City. You’ll walk days through the muddy and magical Colombian jungle and sleep in hammocks while the flies bite you at night.

Once it was possible to visit illegal cocaine production sites from the Colombian guerillas. Two weeks before we did the trek, the Colombian military closed all the illegal cocaine production sites and patrolled the jungle. Follow your guide and you’ll be safe.

The place of the ancient Lost City is amazing. When you standing on the ancient Lost City, surrounded by the Colombian jungle, your body full of insect bites, you’ll feel like a king hundreds of years ago who conquered this amazing place. You’ll love it. If you’re in Colombia this is a must do.

Informations to the Lost City trek

Where is the best place to start this trek?
In Santa Marta you’ll find many offices that will take you to this amazing trek.
How long does it take?
5-6 days. Two, three days in and two, three days out. Depends on your condition and what you arranged with your guide.
What does it cost you?
I paid around 250$, include food, hammocks and the guide.
Would I do it again?
Definitely a yes! It was a magical experience. If you’re in Colombia, it’s a must do… 🙂



5 Reasons why you should travel to the Hawaiian Island Kauai

Hawaiian Island Kauai

Hawaiian Island Kauai, lovely named the Garden Island, is one of the prettiest Islands in the World. The law “no building is taller than a coconut tree” has protected the island environment. Kauai is magical. The deep green color will take your breath away. You can discover an epic landscape. Here are my 5 reasons why you should travel to the Hawaiian Island Kauai:

1. Hiking and it’s outdoor activities:

If you love hiking, you’ll love it. There are world-class hiking trails around the Island. The prettiest hiking trail of the pacific coast is located here. It’s the Kalalau Trail, the Napali Coast Trail. It’s just amazing. You’ll walk through the Hawaiian rainforest, on cliff sides to incredible beaches and waterfalls. And most of the time you’d be able to see the sea. I think it’s better to show you some photos of this trail than write about it. So feel free to skip this article and go directly to the photos.

2. Hawaii’s best Beaches and the sunsets:

True, no Hawaiian experience is complete without its beaches. You’ll love it. As you can see in the pictures above it’s possible to walk to lonely beaches. Imagine what you can do there. 🙂 My favorite beach was the Hanalei Bay because this was the first time I stood on a surfing board. It’s a good place to learn surfing because the waves are slow and easy. The following pictures in the photo album will show you some of my favorite beaches on Kauai.

3. Scenic Drive

While you are driving around the island you’ll stop every few meters because of the stunning landscape. From Hanalei Valley to the lookout of the fantastic Kalalau Valley you’ll think that you never want to leave this place. The following pictures will show you some of the landscape to expect on Kauai.

4. Camping

It’s possible to sleep on camp grounds close to the beaches. The camp grounds are organized by the state parks and you’ll have to get permits for it. The prices are cheap compared to the high hotel prizes on the Hawaiian Islands. Have a look on the Hawaii State Park Website: . Even if you’re on a small budget you can go to the camp sites. The State Park Officials will inspect the tents if they have a permit in the early morning at around 5:30A.M. When you don’t have a permit, be sure that you’ll leave with your tent BEFORE 5:30A.M. Anyway you’ll have to get up early for the beautiful Hawaiian Days. If camping is not your thing, you still can go to big hotels anyway.

5. Kauai by air

It is a small island compared to the others of the Hawaiian Islands though it has some of the greatest geography on our planet. But over 90% of this jaw dropping island can only be seen by a helicopter because it’s not possible to see it by foot. And so you can have a once in a lifetime experience by doing a helicopter flight over the island.

Flights to Hawaii you can find everywhere. Ask me if you need any help. I’m happy to help you.

If you want to see more Hawaiian Islands, than check out the blog post about Big Island. Here are our Kauai Trip Photos: