That's me at the Mt. Mayon

So here I am. You can call me Tobi. :)  About icon smile A few years past I decided to quit my job and go travelling. That was when I startet my first blog together with my friend when we did our trip around the world in 2010/2011.
It was a blog for friends and family and the idea was to show them a little of our our life around the world. The blog was in german and so many people told us they want to read our blog but they couldn’t because the language was german. Indeed, we always told them that they could have a look at the pictures. But now I want to write a blog in English. I don’t know if it works out. I hope you can understand. Maybe I can improve my English with this blog. I’m sorry for all my misspellings and grammatical errors. Feel free to correct me. :)  About icon smile Why I want to start a new blog?

I even don’t know it yet, but my life is changing so fast since we started to travel around the world and come back to Germany in the end of 2011. But one thing is still the same. I can’t stop travelling. It’s better than any drug for me. When you start travelling for a long time, it’s hard to stop. You see incredible things, things that you never want to see again, meet people and friends and all the experience is yours. You won’t stop.
After our trip through South America and Southeast Asia I started my second study at the University. And now I spend all my little money to discover more of our beautiful world. You don’t need a lot of money to go travelling. I need more money in Germany than when I’m travelling. And so I try to use all my time to be on the road. I love it. With this blog I want to show you some of my travels and write about things that maybe can help you or not. I don’t know yet. Blog writing for me was always a good way to save some stories and to think about it from a different perspective. If you like my page, like it on Facebook and stay up to date.
Safe travels, Tobi.